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Oilite (sintered bronze) bushes can be flanged, or unflanged in either Metric, or Imperial sizes. Substantial stocks of both are available. Phosphur bronze bar and tube with an oversized diameter for machining are available in 13" lengths.

Internal and external circlips (series 1300& 1400) are available in all Metric sizes, as well as a limited range of Imperial sizes.

All types of flexible and rigid couplings are available, including cone and tyre couplings along with chain and gear couplings. Many available with pilot bore or taper lock bushes - Bibby / Bowex / David Brown / Fenner / Flender / Huco / Morse / Nylican / Omega / Renold / Rotex / Sureflex.

Industrial Gearboxes (worm reduction units)
Due to the variation of units available we do not stock any gearboxes. We can source most manufacturers gearboxes including - Bauer / Benzler / Bonfiglioli / Brown Pestell / Carter / Combidrive / Croft / David Brown / Disco / Electropower / Fenner / Flender / Hansen / Holroyd / Kopp / Lenze / Morse / Motovario / Neco / Neeter / Nord / Opperman / Parvalux / Peter Rayner / Pujol / Radicon / Renold / Rossi / SEW / Simplatrol / Spagiarri / Siti / STM / Stober / Stroter / Varatio / VEM / WEG We also operate a gearbox repair / reconditioning service.

13" lengths of standard keysteel are available in most sizes, from 3mm X 3mm to 2" square and most sizes in between.

Oil Seals
Also known as rotary shaft seals, lip seal and radial lip seal. For stopping dirt getting in and oil getting out, oil seals are an essential part of any rotary shaft arrange-ment. Imperial and metric sizes are available from stock. Oil seals made of special materials, for example, viton, silicone, leather, PTFE, and polyacrylic, can be either sourced or made to order.

'O' Rings
Silicone, PTFE, viton, nitrile, 'O' rings come in different materials to suit different applications. Imperial size 'O' rings are available with no minimum order from stock. These are all BS series 'O' rings.
Metric 'O' rings are available to order with next day delivery. All different diametres of 'O' ring cord are available by the metre.

Non-shatter polycarbonate / perspex, and polypropylene sheets are available from stock. We offer a guard service, all we require is a sketch with sizes or a sample to have a new guard made for your machinery.

We are able to supply the complete range of Entex springs. Any springs not in this range can be made to order.

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