Power Transmission

Power Transmission    Power Transmission    Power Transmission    Power Transmission

Vee and Wedge Belts - are stocked extensivley, we keep most A / SPA / B / SPB / C / SPC / Z / SPZ section belts in stock, popular belt sizes are also kept in CRE (cogged) form. Most of the belts in stock are manufactured by Fenner, however other manufacturers belts are available at short notice, for example - Gates and Optibelt.
Timing Belts - come in all widths, pitches, and sizes, for this reason the popular Fenner series' L and H are stocked in near entirity, while others such as the HTD series are partially stocked. There are some series of timing belts that can only be made to order. These are available on short delivery times.

We are offical distributors for Tsubaki chain and as such can offer world class technical expertise through joint salesman / technician visits. We keep all British Standard and American Standard chain in stock, up to 1" pitch with all connecting links and cranks / double cranks to suit.
We also stock selected sizes in other Quality and Budget manufacturers for example - Renold and Elite.

Aluminium, cast iron and steel pulleys can be purchased from our stocks. 3 different groove widths to suit all types of vee and wedge belts. All sizes are available with your choice of number of grooves. All pulleys held in stock are the standard Taper-Lock type.

What use would all this chain be if it has nothing to power it? To complement our stock range of chain, we stock a large number of sprockets with both Taper-Lock and pilot bores.
Any sprocket we do not stock is generally available within 24 hours.

TaperLock Bushes
All taperlock bush sizes are kept in stock, each series e.g. 2012 / 1008 / 1610, and each shaft size available in Metric and Imperial.

Power Transmission    Power Transmission    Power Transmission    Power Transmission

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